Qatar help Pakistan flood crisis

Doha: Qatar announced on Monday that it will provide $25 million to help Pakistan overcome the flood crisis, Qatar’s official news agency reported.
The strike was announced in a speech by Qatar’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Sultan bin Saad Al-Muraikhi, at the Pakistan International Conference on Climate Resilience in Geneva.
Muraikhi said that Qatar’s support stems from its commitment to the spirit of international solidarity and cooperation and its role in mitigating crises, the importance of meeting the needs and priorities of the reform and reconstruction phases after the devastating floods.

The Minister pointed out that the conference is being held when the climate crisis is at the top of the global agenda and added that it continues to have negative consequences, causing severe damage to various sectors and impacting hundreds of millions of people around the world.
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“It was sad to see the scale of this devastating disaster, the loss of life and the painful scenes of destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan, along with the displacement and suffering faced by the people of Pakistan,” Al-Muraikhi added.

The scale of this devastating crisis, said the Minister, is evidence and a reminder that climate change still constitutes an existential threat that emphasizes the importance of solidarity and international cooperation, as well as taking urgent measures to face the challenges that face the world.
Muraikhi praised the Pakistani government and its response and the efforts made by the UN and all humanitarian actors to meet the urgent needs of the people and praised the efforts made to prepare a Post Disaster Needs Assessment.
The Minister noted that Qatar spared no effort to support Pakistan and provide urgent aid to support those affected by the floods, due to its recognition of the importance of multilateral cooperation and commitment to values based on solidarity and partnership.
“In September 2022, Qatar also sent the first airlift flight to support Pakistan in the fight against floods, and that flight was equipped with specialized mechanisms for search and rescue operations, as well as a medical team with integrated equipment.” , said.

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