Praja Palana Application Unveils 6 Guarantees for Telangana Residents from 28 Dec 2023 to 6 Jan 2024

In a significant move to uplift the lives of citizens in Telangana, the Praja Palana Application has announced six groundbreaking guarantees from December 28, 2023, to January 6, 2024. These guarantees span various aspects of social welfare, providing essential support to residents across the state.

  1. Pension for Head of Family:

The first guarantee brings financial relief to families as the head of the family is entitled to a pension of Rs. 2500. This initiative aims to support the backbone of households and ensure a basic income to meet essential needs.

  1. 5 Lakh House Loan:

In a bid to make the dream of owning a home a reality, the second guarantee offers eligible individuals a house loan of up to 5 lakh rupees. This scheme is set to empower families by providing them with a secure and stable living environment.

  1. 4000 Old Age Pension:

Recognizing the contribution and challenges faced by the elderly, the third guarantee promises an old age pension of Rs. 4000. This initiative is designed to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens, offering them financial security and dignity in their golden years.

  1. Final Gas Cylinder at Rs. 500:

Ensuring access to clean cooking fuel, the fourth guarantee provides the final gas cylinder at a subsidized rate of Rs. 500. This measure not only promotes the use of clean energy but also eases the financial burden on households.

Application Process:

To avail of these benefits, interested individuals can obtain the Praja Palana Application form from their nearest ward. The application form is available in three languages – Telugu, English, and Urdu – to ensure accessibility for all residents. Importantly, there is no requirement for income or caste certificates, simplifying the application process.

The Praja Palana Application’s six guarantees mark a significant stride towards building a socially inclusive and economically empowered Telangana. By addressing key areas such as financial assistance, housing, and support for the elderly, this initiative reflects a commitment to the welfare of the community. Residents are encouraged to seize this opportunity by visiting their nearby ward, collecting the application form, and securing their share of the guarantees. Let’s work together to create a brighter and more prosperous future for Telangana!

salar e millat community Hall, Chuna Bhatti. Group 1
1 Mohammad anwar
2 Mohammed Mukaram
3 Mohammed sarfaraz
4 syed Nasir
5 Mohammed
6 Mohammed Fasi
7 Mohammed Waheed
8 Younus Baig
9 Shabir
10 Mohammed Arif
11 Mohammed Saleem

Fakhr-E-Millat community Hall, M C H colony group 2
1 Syed Jalal
2 Mohammed Tahwar
3 Mohammed
4 Shaik Wahed Ali
5 Mohammed Habeeb
6 Mohammed Chand
7 Mohammed Hasham
8 syed Shakeel
9 Mohammed Mujju
10 Jaweed

Galaxy school darbar Ali Bagh group 3
1 Mohammed Arshad
2 Mohammed Abdul Razzak
3 Mohammed Ateeq
4 Mohammed Akram
5 MA Owais
6 Mohammed Azam
7 Mohammed Ameen
8 syed Masood
9 Mohammed Jaffer
10 Mohammed Amair
11 Mohammed sultan

government primary school, Urdu medium Basharat Nagar , NS kunta Group 4
1 Mohammed Parvez
2 Mohammed Qhadeer
3 Mohammed Imtiyaz
4 Mohammed Yaser
5 Rashed Ghori
6 Mohammed wasi
7 Mohammed Nashu
8 Dr Sajid
9 Mohammed Asad
10 Mohammed Moin
11 Majeed Baig
12 Mohammed meraj

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