Hyderabad wakes up to a cold morning, temperature to drop further

HYDERABAD/ADILABAD: Telangana woke up to unusually cold weather on Friday morning. In Hyderabad, it was cloudy, with temperatures dipping below 20 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation boundaries was recorded at Patancheru at 18.9°C. The city can expect temperatures to drop over the next three days, potentially reaching single digits.

Low-level easterly winds caused the change in weather. According to forecasters, there is a chance of light rain or drizzle in some parts of the state over the next 24 hours, along with fog or mist and wind speeds of around 3-6 kmph.

The fog also caused transport problems in Adilabad, with the city’s markets opening late and roads appearing deserted until 7pm. The fine mist was believed to be the result of cold snaps in the north of the country.

Scientists from the agricultural research station said this was common in the district between the last week of December and the first week of January. On Friday, the city of Adilabad recorded a low temperature of around 15C, while Agency areas saw temperatures drop to single digits.

Meanwhile, officials have urged residents to take necessary precautions and stay warm. They also advised drivers to exercise caution on the roads due to reduced visibility caused by fog. It is important to stay hydrated and avoid cold and wet conditions. Since fog causes problems for transportation, it may also be advisable to allow additional time for travel and allow for possible delays.

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