Embark on a Transformative Journey with the 5-Year Aalim Course

Are you a Hafiz-e-Ikram, a college student, or a working professional seeking to deepen your Islamic knowledge without compromising your current commitments? We present to you a golden opportunity to pursue a part-time 5-year Aalim course under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Ahsan Bin Mohammed Alhamooni Al Qadri.

Comprehensive Curriculum

  1. Tafseer: Delve into the exegesis of the Quran and uncover its profound meanings.
  2. Hadees: Study the sayings and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to gain insights into his life and teachings.
  3. Fiqh: Learn about Islamic jurisprudence to understand the legal and ethical framework of Islam.
  4. Aqaid: Explore Islamic theology and creed, fortifying your faith and beliefs.
  5. Mantiq: Develop logical reasoning skills through the study of Islamic logic.

Special Lectures

  • Seerat-un-Nabi: Attend exclusive lectures on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), learning about his exemplary character and leadership.

Language Proficiency

  • Command on Arabic Language: Gain proficiency in Arabic, enabling you to read, understand, and interpret Islamic texts with greater depth.

Practical Guidance

  • Approaching Modern Challenges: Receive guidance on how to navigate contemporary issues from an Islamic perspective, equipping you with the wisdom to apply Islamic principles in today’s world.

Course Details

  • Timings: 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Venue: Shahi Masjid Bag-e-Aam, Nampally

Under the mentorship of highly qualified and certified tutors, you will embark on a journey that not only enriches your Islamic knowledge but also enhances your personal and spiritual growth.

Why Choose This Course?

Flexible Schedule

Designed to accommodate the busy lives of professionals and students, our part-time schedule ensures you can balance your studies, work, and personal life efficiently.

Esteemed Faculty

Learn from Dr. Ahsan Bin Mohammed Alhamooni Al Qadri, a distinguished scholar renowned for his profound knowledge and insightful teaching methods.

Community and Network

Join a community of like-minded individuals and build a network that supports and encourages your educational and spiritual pursuits.

Personal Growth

Beyond academic knowledge, this course aims to nurture your spiritual development, helping you become a well-rounded individual rooted in Islamic values.

Enroll Today

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your Islamic knowledge and wisdom. For more information and to enroll in the course, contact us at:

  • Phone: 9032191696

Take this step towards a brighter, more knowledgeable future. Join us at Shahi Masjid Bag-e-Aam, Nampally, and start your journey of learning and enlightenment today.

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